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Our Story

The name After The Last Sky Distribution is a direct link to the years I spent in the band of the same name, playing for well over a decade in the DIY Metal (early) and Punk scene. With our disbanding in 2012 life has taken different paths for us all, but with a long career in retail and years doing merch on the road it seemed a natural choice to take some of the elements of those formative years and try to apply them back to the scene that has shaped my life since the mid 90's.

With an one aim towards keeping the person to person contact of the record stores of yore. Festivals and shows seemed the best way forward and so here we are in 2024 looking toward to rainy summer fields and festival stalls plus hopefully some indoor events as the nights grow darker..

A second aim is to distribute some of the hundreds of underground titles I've picked up in recent times. Many from labels I have spent years working with on and off while employed by UK labels or distributors.

Our Services

Please email for a complete wholesale list of titles we have for distribution as well as our straightforward terms and conditions.

All shipping via Royal Mail or Courier depending on the size of the order.

Stock currently includes CDs and Vinyl from the following labels:

Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Back On Black

Dunkelheit Productions


I, Voidhanger

Profound Lore




The Church Within

And Many more!



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